Our Services

Raising Results partners with you on a project basis, supplementing the talents and time of internal staff, or for longer-term engagements, building your fundraising program from the ground up. Whether you need support developing donor communications, building a broader membership base, creating meaningful fundraising events, crafting memorable grant proposals, or identifying new talent for your development team, we help your organization raise results.  Let’s start a conversation today about how we can be a partner in your success.

Annual Fund

Your organization gets a limited number of opportunities each year to connect with its widest base of individual donors. What stories are you telling, and how are you reaching your supporters? Count on our experience to craft donor-centric messages that resonate with your audiences. 

Grant Writing and Management

Let us help you write compelling letters of inquiry, proposals, and reports that keep donors engaged. Our experience with a wide variety of local and national foundations; state and federal government programs; and corporate foundations helps tell your story with the reader in mind.

Membership and Alumni Programs

We can partner with you to create and optimize multi-channel acquisition strategies. Your membership materials, which we can develop, are built around levels, rates and structures that promote renewals and upgrades. We can help you grow your program through member or alumni satisfaction surveys, focus groups, and audits of your signage, staffing, and policies.

Search and Interim Placement

Time to grow or fill an open position? Tap into our network and hiring know-how to grow your development team. Don’t lose momentum or exhaust your staff when some leaves. We can fill that role while you find the right person. And, we can help you find talented development and membership candidates, from entry level to executive searches.

Special Events

When it comes to fundraising events, it is easy to lose sight of whether your event is working for you or you are simply working to produce an event. Let us handle the details and budget so you can focus on getting your supporters and new friends to the table.

Strategic Messaging

Your organization stakes its reputation on its front-facing communications. Raising Results can distill and hone the most captivating stories and data into donor-centric messages that inspire confidence and philanthropy. Our multi-channel strategies will help you raise awareness about your important work and impact.


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